idont’ understand



"irrelevant male rapper"


"ft nicki minaj"


(via bel-imperia)

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a shopping list

"you are really gorgeous and stood out amongst all of the nondescript blondes haha"

man flirt. not like other girl. good tinder. strong game. girl sex

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Anonymous asked: Well when I see you around uni I scramble to get my inhaler and compulsively apply more lipstick and appreciate that we breath the same air

from now on i will keep my eye out fr the person asphyxiating on lipstick

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*crushes up a bunch of cigarettes and sprinkles them over a salad* they don’t actually hurt you unless you light them

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Anonymous asked: hi i am a cute girl please date me

did i send this to myself

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me ft. some truly monstrous pimples
I have a test in an hour that I’ve given up on

wikihow on making pus-filled blemishes look like hot shit

sertraline is GREAT because it keeps me apathetic for the 20% of the day i am awake!!! 

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