I was pretty white girl wasted last night i think embarrassingly so but this morning i have woken up and like??? my cold is gone. Probably because all of my white girl cocktails had lots of fruit in them.

the bar manager wanted to coitus guigou ??  i was chuffed bc i get all my gratification vicariously thru bb

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I REMEMBER a table of us like 8 girls all sitting there for like 10 minutes trying to tie cherry stems with our tongues and maddie was the only one who could do it

it’s a shame there’s only one way to be sexy and it makes me look nauseous 

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in-class drinking game where you take a shot every time a white boy brings up plato’s allegory of the cave

(via setilamarr)

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this doco is so special

daytime/nighttime makeup is a false dichotomy

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ssri’s dont even make you high tho its cumulative. thats not only shit its also fucking moronic.

~~taking a chance on prescription meds ~~ a fun party game. i hope they snorted  iron pills somewhere along the way and got rly constipated :))

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powelliphanta aka badass mo effing carnivorous land snails native to new zealand

observe my people
how cute was ur packed lunch!! how loved r u lil babb xxxx

guigou actually brought me a packed lunch of feijoas , drugs, caramel easter eggs and pizza which she heated and wrapped in tinfoil bc i was sad and then she brought it to me at uni even though she did not need to go to uni herself. nobody including my signific ant others and my mother has ever made me a beautiful lunch such as i experienced today. autocorrect wants to make the word ‘feijoa’ into ‘fedora’ the more you know

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